Mouth pleasure in Poland

If by chance you find yourself in Kraków, head here.

Veganic (ul. Dolnych Młynów 10) – it’s the kind of place you dream of when confronted with meat dumplings deep-fried in goose fat (if you are lucky) at each and every restaurant, when all you ever wanted on a day of 25⁰+ was a crisp glass of Rosé, some palatable grub and an opportunity to chill with the locals.

Happiness arrived for me in the guise of a mango soup with lime sorbet and to continue, a baked celery and lentil salad. Nice…very nice!

The restaurant is just off the tourist zone, though only a tiny bit. It’s hiding a fabulous garden – not necessarily in terms of planting (but it’s landscaped and will grow) – rather in terms of vibe, cool looking locals and gee I wish I’d discovered this spot on Day One of our trip.

I challenge you not to be impressed and alerting the publishers of Monocle or Wallpaper guide

Fashion Forward 1715 – 2015

at the Musée des Arts décoratifs


Apologises for not checking in as it’s been two weeks since I squealed and almost threw up in happiness because…Team Family not only found themselves in Paris, but better still found themselves at the Musée des Arts décoratifs.  Thankfully just cross the way from the Louvre, which easily distracted the hoards and enabled us to have that very rare experience, a gallery space almost to ourselves and bursting with the most exquisite ensembles a girl from suburban Sydney could dare to imagine.

I accept that adoration of glorious pieces of apparel might not be where you wish to be, but for one whom used to stuff her mini suitcase before heading off to kindergarten with an extra outfit, exhibitions like these are worth the journey. Particularly when you enter the 1920s room and you see your very first live Vionnets and Schiaparellis and realise it’s very OK not to own it, just to have 20 minutes with it, admiring its creativity and construction.

I would have been honestly satiated with this, but thank the Lord for we had another 95 years to go with choice offerings from Dior, Balenciaga, Westwood and Izzy Miyake put into the mix. You name it, they were there. So the Wonka Chocolate Factory experience continued, not just in fantasy devising but, ‘Oh Mein Gott – there it is’ up super close, as luckily the gallery has said non (or is it pas?) to glass-cases and oui to mind-blowing opportunities for examination of stitching and cut.

Adding to the thrill, I’d spent a happy 12 weeks last year attending a course at the V&A which focused on these very pieces, so party all round and I was loving my husband a little more.


It’s on until 14 August 2016, so if you are anyway near Paris – do it!

Plus double bonus…Barbie features in the same museum with her very own exhibition, on until September. She’s as you remember – but she’s also got a lot more going on…



A Mother’s Reckoning

By Sue Klebold

A mothers reckoning.jpg

After hearing Sue Klebold being interviewed on Radio 4 I knew that this was a book which would leap-frog the statuesque pile of others currently seeking residing rights next to my side of the bed and deserve to be read more than soon-ish…and dear readers it has been and I’m very glad I did.

Not glad in a happy ecstatic way, rather in a learning understanding way.

You see, Sue Klebold is the mother of one of the boys whom killed and then killed himself at Columbine High School in 1999. So it’s tragic, horribly tragic, but also important to read, for it tells of a son loved and mourned; a family coming to terms with its loss and the hideous loss of others by their child’s hand; the responsibility and guilt they carry; but perhaps most importantly – it’s not scared to broach the subject of depression and how someone you thought was in a good state, was suffering…silently…and you the parent had absolutely no idea of the extent of their suffering and how desperate they were to escape and shut out the pain.

Klebold doesn’t shy away from the facts or attempt to paint her son Dylan as an angel, instead she wants us all to learn from this horrific incident. She wants to broaden awareness and help others spot the issues and anxieties our fellow humans may feel and experience, and give support or find support for those in need.

Klebold also forced me to re-evaluate.

I’ll admit it, I’m pretty quick to blame the parents in all cases of a child/teenager behaving less than virtuously, however post reading this, I’m quickly realising that even with a home life full of love, encouragement, boundaries and normality, things can go dreadfully wrong.

Additionally, Klebold has taught me a valuable lesson. Next time the youngest member of Team Family provides me with above average levels of unkindness, instead of shutting it down with an equally unfriendly retort, I’ll be calm, state that I find his words not the best and give him a large, long hug.