Siem Reap

Written 28 December
If you have ever struggled to find a place that feels just like fresh, clean, cotton sheets on a soft (but firm, mattress), Siem Reap just might be the ticket.

We arrived late night, so admittedly it took me a couple of hours post waking this morning to really appreciate the multifactorial pleasure of my surroundings.

So, here’s some evidence to support my claim, Your Honour:

  • First and foremost the people are the friendliest, politest and smiliest you’re ever like to meet.
  • Hiring your own personal Tuk Tuk costs $15 USD per day and you can head anywhere, embracing the urge to smile, whilst feeling increasingly more and more pleased that you made clearly the right direction to come visit Cambodia.
  • Adding to the bonus of having your own personal vehicle and driver, you’ll also be thrilled to discover that your chauffeur couldn’t be more relaxed (though highly professional), speaks superb English (as all others do involved in tourist and transportation we’ve come across), is slightly hot and comes sensibly prepared with a hammock for his down times between ferrying you from one glorious temple visit to the next.
  • Our lodgings, Viroth Hotel, is an excellent med-price range, independent…which if you’re above average in your passion for palms and ferns, provides ample fodder for flora photography and ‘we should do this in our garden’ planning.
  • You’ll achieve intense mouth pleasure from consuming Banana Leaf Salad
  • You can dine out on obscenely great ‘Siem Reap BBQ’
  • And the one hour (for $5 USD) Reflexology Lady will perform a pretty comprehensive MOT on your complete anatomy without shifting from below your knees with a beautiful smile and savage (though pleasing) hand.

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