15 Holywell Street, Oxford

(Reviewed 27 April 2012)

I could rave about this place for over four years, though I’ll keep it trim and only provide the lean cut.

In one sentence:
Head here for wonderfully authentic Japanese food.

Though I’d like to add a tiny bit more:
You can’t book, which makes it even more exciting, for as the queue grows outside you feel fabulously assured that you made the perfect decision for your evening’s dining. Then it’s sitting time – there are approximately six tables, some big, some small, so depending on the numbers in your party, you may end up sharing (which is great for material) or not (then spend the rest of your time, pretending to contribute 100% to your companion/s, whilst surreptitiously working hard to overhear the other diners).

The food – delicious, incredibly delicious and great value

The staff – polite, quick and smiley

The atmosphere – relaxed, with the additional bonus of lots of real Japanese people dining here, which obviously speaks bucket loads.

Opening times – Wednesday through to Sunday for lunch and Thursday to Saturday for dinner. With the added bonus of ‘Sushi Night’ Thursday.

Make yourself and your tummy very happy – visit and consume.

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