by Andrew Miller

Looking for a super satisfying read? Well here’s one to consider.

Really?… Why?

It’s plot driven and grips you from Chapter One.

And…Jean-Baptiste, (I’ll refer to him by his first name, as I feel I know him quite well now), is the protagonist and carries out his duty superbly.

He’s a chap taking on the difficult role of Project Manager – responsible for clearing a cemetery and church in central Paris, a couple of years prior to the French Revolution. Not nice, obviously, especially when he is confronted by direct opposition from within the house he lays his head.

Additionally, he’s a complex fellow, not one of those ‘crazy fun guys’, rather serious and unconventional, who’s grateful for his education and former training and desirous (initially at least), on making a sound impression professionally – with the latter, placed constantly under assault.

As you gobble down the pages, you’ll meet a fair variety of characters – no two the same. To illustrate:

  • a 14 year old granddaughter of a sexton , with an excellent work ethic
  • an organ-playing chap whom shares friendly relations with his landlady
  • lots of Flemish grave-clearers who were formerly miners
  • a tough mouthpiece for the Minister
  • a maid who has a peep-hole in her floor
  • a tailor who’s so good at his job that he can sell a pistachio suit to someone who’s had too much drink
  • a shopkeeper who comes close to being taken down by a key

Furthermore dear reader, explore this novel and prepare yourself to experience.  For Mr Miller definitely places you in the action. He masterly fills your nostrils with the stench of the quarter (not nice again); makes you shiver in the cold; perspire in the heat; acquaint yourself with hardcore pity; and read past your bedtime.

It’s truly a good read.

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