Musings on DNA

DNA – my commentary or is it a critique…
Funny that I’ve been incredibly fortunate, especially over the past few years and have managed to see approximately 12 to 15 theatre performance per year, though find this to be my first written review.

I’ll start with the theatre space then.  The North Wall, what a great venue.  Intimate, effective and seats that you can easily lop an arm around someone (to be safe, preferable someone you know) and take in the spectacle.

This was my first visit to the theatre, aside from the purchasing of the tickets and a brief sojourn once during a school Open Day.

The staff, a friendly bunch; my fellow theatre goers, perhaps 90% of them, young (GCSE aged – plus or minus a year or two) and ready to be engaged and educated.

Luckily, I had no real idea of the storyline or angle of the play, aside from the blurb supporting its inclusion in the marketing material, so I was doubly interested in what was going to occur on stage.

The staging/props were sparse – with the lighting, setting the majority of the scene (aside from the plot, obviously). This, worked really well.

The characters, an excellent mix of personalities and attributes. My personal favourite was Leah (I hope that’s the right spelling), we all know the type – maybe I shouldn’t make such a sweeping statement… – anyway, she talks a lot and can drive you up the wall, though for me at least, a person who’s real, true to themselves and most importantly has a strong sense of what is right and wrong, even when she finds herself in a far less than desired situation, which continues to spiral out of control.

Furthermore, you couldn’t fault the cast or the direction. For the actors effortlessly (and believably) delivered their parts. And the drama of their situation was easily discernible in the expressions of the transported audience.

Additionally, what a great text/play to study at school – for it touches on a plethora of things that matter, especially during the age of teenagehood. For instance, when you find yourself in a dilemma, what do you do? How sometimes expected outcomes end up with unforeseen and undesired consequences. How things can escalate or change quite rapidly. In addition, peer group pressure – bullying and relationships between friends or the group.

All up – a great, thought-provoking and entertaining Thursday evening out.

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