Munch Kupka Kokoschka

Museum Kampa, Praha

Museum Kampa exhibition

Encouraged entirely by the fabulous poster above, one’s husband and I made sure we squeezed this gallery visit in just prior to our lunchtime departure from Prague. But reader beware. Squeezing in all the culture that Prague has to offer in 48hr isn’t possible. I tried and I failed. Thankfully, this Super Power of learning, enlightenment, history and phenomenal architecture isn’t closed for business, so I’m aiming to return. Soon.

Back to the Munch Kupka Kokschka…As mentioned last post, our train tripping adventure was really an education. Yes I’d heard of Edvard Munch, but by golly, not the hugely talented (and slightly racy works) of Mr Kupka. Not only do his paintings suggest to the viewer that he had a thing for the ladies, his gift at producing them on canvas is something to behold (if you aren’t nervous…and you like nudity…and brushstrokes).

Kupka 1

It also appears from the pictures we had to hand, that the ladies liked him – with an amusing warning prior to entry suggesting that this exhibit was for the over 18s. At last, there’s a reason why I should be delighted to be an adult.

Kupka 2

It’s a small collection of artworks (paintings, sculptures, bronzes), produced between 1890 – 1921, so the style of a majority of the paintings, (says she who has no art education) is expressionist I guess, as they appear influenced by Fauvism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau and much more (sorry, I did say my knowledge was limited – but this by no means reduced my enjoyment.)

And on the point of enjoyment. This exhibition really ticked all my husband’s boxes. It was like he’d found a new best friend as we spent the rest of the afternoon talking about Mr Kupka, creating potential backstories about his life and relationships.

Kupta 3

Furthermore, in testament to him (not my husband, Kupka), every single bookshop or museum store we passed for the next two weeks was all about discovering and purchasing the perfect coffee table publication of his works.  And we did find one, but at 140 Euros, our magnificent plans were scuppered…for the time being.

It’s on until 11 September 2016 – so you need to change your weekend plans.