One of the best things about Berlin

Heidi…Heidi Leyton and her sidekick Daisy.

Now I know that my mathematics isn’t exactly right, however it would be reckless not to mention Daisy, as together these two can provide the lucky tour participant with interest, information, an insiders’ perspective, heaps of great things to look at, and an abundance of happy walking, memories and deep longing to relocate to Berlin.

Hooray that great fortune is my friend – and I, along with the two others in Team Family, had Heidi (and Daisy) to ourselves for Saturday afternoon, 3 May.

Following my initial email approach and vague idea of wishing to focus a little on WW2 + Jewish History and spying some Graffiti – our plans were loose – however left in the expert hands of Heidi, we found ourselves learning, enjoying and seeing parts of this fabulous city, which left to our own devices we would have surely missed.

Our expedition through small pockets of the city commenced in Mitte, a really exciting and rich – in history, great galleries and people watching – area of former East Berlin. The weather was great and my shoes were sensible for a change, so we weren’t held back from investigating the courtyards, buildings and museums/memorials sprinkled around the zone.


(photo from inside the Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt – image sourced from museum site)

Heidi really knows her stuff and more importantly, knows how to be engaging, respectful and tailor her knowledge accordingly. Her skills you can’t learn – it’s as if she was born with the gift. Not only was the Young Chap enthralled from kick-off, I wanted her to be my new best friend by end of play.

Also the emotional ride was interesting and actually more intense than I thought it would be – particularly as we watched the film footage at the Berlin Wall Memorial Visitors Centre, spent time at the Memorial site and visited the Museum Blindenwerkstatt Otto Weidt.

berlin wall museum

(Photo of the Berlin Wall Memorial – image sourced from

We headed off to Kreuzberg later in the afternoon to see a little more of the city and play spy the graffiti and track down some sheep…some painted sheep. Happily also, we came across my new favourite type – yarnbombing or guerrilla knitting – whatever the name, it’s smile producing and gets you creating secret plans of your own.

Sadly, all wonderful things come to an end, particularly as it was a five hour tour.

I couldn’t/can’t recommend Heidi enough and if you’d like to know about her head to:

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