Noah Taylor – the actor and ARTIST

‘People Are Strange’
at the Lawrence Alken Gallery, London

Knowing Mr Noah Taylor is a pretty terrific actor I was all fired up to discover what kind of a painter he’d be post a little alert in the Evening Standard – advertising his current show, in London.

Thus threw the car into hyper-drive and headed straight towards Covent Garden to inspect.

And…happily found to my severe liking approximately 50 black and white paintings for me (and you), to get your eyes and head into. Some made me laugh (I’m not too sure if that was the intention, however art is very personal isn’t it?) and others, made me feel a little upset for the person in the noose. Although only for a moment…and now look down as this is an example of one of the treats you will find.


Furthermore…I found many paintings that should post 5 April, come and live with me, however sadly have found other parents already.

Additionally, all the works on display are his and the gallery assistant kindly chatted us through different aspect of his art without me feeling like ‘But I don’t understand’. So, if you make the decision to go – you definitely won’t be intimidated – or have to pay entry – rather just dawdle through and enjoy at your own pace.

It’s a concise and entertaining show.

Opening times: 11.00- 7.00pm until 5 April and for further details head to:
(and please note, above image sourced from this web address as well)

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