132 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills

Not only essential information for the first time traveller to the ‘sunny’ shores of Sydney, though equally, for the resident who’s currently not in the know.

This groovy little venue deserves special mention and a descending upon.

Why? You ask
Simply…these fist sized, delicious yummies should be prescribed.

They are soft, fluffy, topped with heavenly icing, are sophisticated enough for a dinner party and/or ideal for mid-morning AND mid-afternoon mouth happiness making.

You can even dine in on your selection, sharing it with an enjoyable, caffeinated beverage (like I did – though I’m sure you could go for a de-caffeinated or other as you like), which is served up on some particularly attractive crockery.

Owner – Kathryn Sutton, has excelled. She provides her customers with ambrosial fulfilment which can be beautifully packaged for later, or consumed moments post your choosing – in an environment which is alluring in both detail and design.

Further great news – if you can’t make it to the flagship Surry Hills store, thankfully these little beauties are also available at:

  • David Jones, Market St Food Hall, Sydney
  • Sparkle Cupcakery and Luxe Espresso Kiosk, Martin Place
    (between Elizabeth St & Castlereagh St)
  • online….yipee
  • Alternatively…you could choose to purchase
    Sparkle Cupcakes – The Little Black Book
    and create these mini masterpieces yourself

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