The Turn of the Screw

By Henry James

The Turn of the Screw image

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I approach my book reading in two ways, I either savour or I feast.

Commencing late yesterday and up until four minutes ago found me gobbling down at a terrific pace this suspense-filled treat. Don’t be alarmed, I did also sleep (peacefully) and managed some menial house duties during my non-book consuming periods, otherwise I’d be currently dealing with bad temperedness and guilt – which are obviously distasteful house guests – and spoil the mood.

So the story is disturbing enough to keep you close to terrified but thankfully not in a blood, guts and swear word kind of a way. For me it was more about the mind and what you see and what you say and what you don’t say and what you assume mixed with protecting the innocence of two beautiful children and remaining in control. And if that’s not it – I’m sorry. I don’t want to give away the plot…however it does include apparitions….

Told predominantly through the eyes of a governess who has ‘recorded’ the story, you are drawn in and get the bonus of being inside her head as she relates the events which unfold.

Also if you’re caught at a difficult spot in your book selecting career, where you are unsure about reading a big thick 500–1000 pager, this could be the ticket coming in at 125 pages – it’s a return train trip to London from Oxford or maybe Charlbury (factoring in a short delay).

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