A little background

As mentioned previously, I’ve been around for a while, though not in such an obvious form. So…I feel it high time to explain why I’ve decided to go public now.

Put succinctly, I derive pleasure from a variety of activities and considered, thanks to the vehicle and ease of the internet, I’d start to share a little optimism, insight and opinion.

The intention is not to use this as a retrospective explanation of places, situations and pastimes once explored. Rather, as a running commentary of what’s happening now. And though at times I may wander off into the past, please forgive a middle-aged catfish, for this shan’t be the norm, only a brief diversion.

Furthermore, this site is in its early infancy, so some things will evolve, other features will be swiftly removed and further inclusions will be made.  Bear with me.

18 thoughts on “A little background

  1. Hi, Sadly just received this message as I was in China and there’s an issue with accessing wordpress. I would have loved to have attended this book launch/talk. Thanks for the alerting me to it.

  2. Hi – I totally agree. What a fabulous mix of really talented authors. Additionally, were you aware that Donna Tartt is coming to town? Monday, 11 November, 7.00pm – organised by Blackwell’s again – however being held at the Divinity Schools – Bodleian.

  3. Nice blog you have here. It’s good to wander off into the past every now and then. Thanks for following my blog! 🙂

  4. Dear Caroline – thank you, I started to think no one was listening. I’m really pleased you like.
    lots of extreme love agentcatfish xoxoxo

  5. I thought I had and I’m really prepared to. I’ll take a re-look at the settings and see if I can fix this function.
    Thanks for letting me know though.

  6. Seriously, you have to enable the comments facility on your postings…so people can engage…!

  7. Hi Agent Catfish. Even though you’re fragile, I think you are awesome. I am looking forward to hearing your musings about life.

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