A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night's DreamSo it’s been nine days since Team Family gobbled down fridge sandwiches on route to Stratford and it’s been nine days since I misplaced the programme so sadly I can’t play the individual call-out game for special services to acting by members of a cast, but I can tell you – Oberon has a commanding stage presence and wears a spectacular white trouser suit (different cut to Mephistophilis); Puck couldn’t have been cast better; and the Fairy Queen not only convinces but distracts with her enviable beauty. And the acting troupe (inside the acting troupe), who form to treat Theseus on the occasion of his marriage were outstanding, highly entertaining and had the audience eating out of their palms.

We all laughed – lots (not just Team Family, but the rest of the theatre congregation which excitedly was a high mix of lively younger folk). We understood and engaged – for the performers gave their all. And we were left jubilant, for nothing comes close to having a fabulous cast delight and absorb you.

Go see it and take children, as many as you can, for this is a wonderful production, which interests, thrills and engages all ages.

On until 16 July 2016.

(image sourced at google images)