All’s Well That Ends Well

at Stratford Upon Avon

Rounding off our mini Shakespeare fix for July 2013, last Monday evening found us primed and ready for action at the RSC.

Primed you ask…well, fisting a programme (half-perused); post a champagne swifty; seated comfortably – all eyes to the stage; attempting to suppress the excitement levels which were threatening to make my stomach gurgle.

You see experience has taught me well. The RSC can’t produce rubbish. They can’t even manage half-rubbish.  Try as they might – they can only produce exceptionally great theatre. And though I might rabbit on about bad theatre being preferable to no theatre, great theatre is King. So post my demi-look through the paperwork – not for plot obviously, rather to star gaze upon the talent – I removed the heels, reclined a little more and proceeded to take in a 3 hour festival of Top Shelf entertainment.

Let’s look further at the detail
Not intending to give the whole game away – I do feel duty bound to enlighten you a touch.

First things first, don’t be fooled dear audience by all those whom appear initially nice, in particular one young, not male character. She’s so crafty…outrageously so.

Secondly, be very grateful that the King of France doesn’t hold sway like he used to, specifically his power to ‘love match’ his subjects.

In addition, be prepared to enjoy a fine scene between a handful of soldiers, a blindfolded Parolles and a deeply shocked Bertram.

Not enough said, the cast are faultless and the kind of people you’d be so happy to discover turned up on stage at a venue near you.

And further good news – it’s running till the 26th September.

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