David Hockney @ the RA

Thank you Mr Andrew Marr (or is it thank you Grannie?), for I would have surely missed this wonderful exhibition if it hadn’t been for The Culture Show and the ability of the both the interviewer (Mr Marr) and the interviewee (Mr Hockney) to explain so honestly and succinctly the background and intention of this collection – spurring my interest and turning me into a fixated demoness, desperate to purchase tickets, even within the first ½ hour of the programme.

Sunday couldn’t come soon enough – though the excited anticipation was kind of enjoyable.

The actual exhibition was no let down, rather a let up. The paintings were even more vibrant than I’d expected, with the huge ‘Winter Timber’ (2009) – I’d eyed from an adjacent room, prior to gravitating quite rapidly towards it – equivalent to a stained glass window, for its richness in colour. ‘I’m no Art Critic’ (as you may have gauged) and my understanding of this creative pursuit is perhaps low to average. However, thankfully I can still gain immense satisfaction and pleasure from staring at it and learning about it – so though the stained glass window may sound to some a little left field – the colours were striking.  I love brush strokes and texture, so this collection continued to tick my boxes.

Furthermore, I have a fondness for eaves-dropping, so was delighted to overhear a conversation between two ladies, discussing where they’d hang a beautiful bright red painting depicting the Grand Canyon, in their own home. And additionally, I really love heading to galleries and being surrounding by people, and not just the same type or age.  For, it was an absolute pleasure to see how many people were there with really small children.  Engaging with their children; pointing out tiny details of the artist’s work to their children; encouraging their children to see in different ways.

And finally, I’m genetically designed to love SHOP. I can’t help it and I’m sick of fighting it. Gone are the days that I’d go to great lengths to fool my husband and myself that I didn’t need or want SHOP. I’m not interested in the struggle anymore. I just want to embrace it, bathe in it – so I did. Thus prior to departure, I immersed myself (along with the Small Chap) in the pleasure of SHOP – admiring the glassware, scarfs, wallets, umbrellas and books and came away with a selection of six teaspoons, a few postcards and magnet (ohh, and some tablemats).

1 thought on “David Hockney @ the RA

  1. I loved reading about your time at the RA viewing my favourite artist Hockney. My husband who is mad about art, has been trying to nail me down with a date to get down to London and see the exib. After reading your blog I have felt that I should definately sort out a day for this.
    I too have a passion for SHOP and would never pass up the opportunity. J.H.

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