Julius Caesar – RSC

Here goes at a punchy one liner…

‘Tough and incredibly satisfying’

Or maybe

‘Go see it…I think it’s heading to Aylesbury…’

No…not sufficiently catchy to snatch your attention.

Succinctly then, I hadn’t read or studied the text and wasn’t actually planning to attend until my husband piped up one morning, stating that he’d seen it advertised, it was playing and when were we going.  A little caught off guard, unprepared and placed in the position that I had to admit, I hadn’t ‘thought of it first’, I happily rushed off and secured some of the last seats, back row, so not ideal – though at least we managed to see it.

It was powerful. It was hard work (though good, thoroughly enjoyable, hard work). It was excellently directed.

Cassius and Brutus, you were terrifying.

Mark Antony, I want you on my debating team.

And Portia – you entrancing and intoxicating woman.

It’s not laugh out loud, so don’t expect to roll around clutching your tummy at this one.

However go… (just goggle it, I believe it’s currently at the Noel Coward Theatre, London)…Be astounded with just how incredibly talented these actors are; how cleverly the show has been pieced together and directed; how accomplished the musicians are; how effective the stage design is and how, when Shakespeare is produced by the RSC, even really difficult texts like this one, come alive and you come away knowing how lucky you were that you were in the audience.

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