The Nolympics

One man’s struggle against sporting hysteria
Nicholas Lezard

If you enjoy reading Nicholas Lezard in the New Statesman this just might be for you, for it’s pretty much like buying the extended or dance mix of an old favourite.

Something that’s guaranteed to give you entertainment…your dependable go to which happily doesn’t fail you.

And whilst heralding the bonuses, his kindness in producing a 164 page column means you can enjoy him for a little longer than you usually would.

And… as you’d expect, he’s witty, forthright and clearly funny. But not too funny thankfully as I find that kind of behaviour a little tiresome.

So, Nolympics??? There must be something in the title and you are right, just think back to London 2012 and that special 16 Day period where sport mattered and people started smiling and engaging strangers in light banter.

Well, this is the focus of the commentary, which Mr Lezard carefully weaves intelligence, humour and personal experience into.

The end result – a publication peppered with amusing illustrations (thanks Mr Shrigley), opinion on judo and boxing; collected thoughts on the discus; the surprising effects of synchronized swimming; and a fair bit of chat about horsey dancing…and more.

It’s just like reading a diary so you shan’t struggle – instead you’ll breeze through reading, reminiscing and chuckling intermittently.

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