Frikes, Ithaca


I’m usually a drinker and not an eater…but then I ate the menu.

Team Family – minus one, have just resurfaced after two and half days, read five meals, consumed in this paradise of outstanding food indulgence.

After dining here just once, there was little reason to venture elsewhere.

Poppy and Nektarios are reviving traditional plates and adding the bit which was missing.

For instance, the Butter Bean Bake – something I would normally think ‘That’s over there, leave it over there’.  Thank the Lord, it called and we answered.


By just adding a little carrot and chilli this dish has not just become a new friend, but has improved my world.

And the Goat Stew. Yes…I haven’t eaten meat for quite a while…but when we eyed it on another consumer’s table and smelt it, I knew my pescatarian days were numbered, in fact I have vanquished them.

Every single mouthful devoured was supreme. The cod fish cakes, the chargrilled octopus, the salads and the Savoro – a fried fish cooked with currants – unusual to consider, but a meal that could turn your life around.

And the location. Ideal.


Leave Lockdown and escape to this incredible part of the world and have a meal you’ll never forget.

To see more about this restaurant go to:


And here’s a photo of a beach really close by.