The Life of Galileo – the RSC

By Bertolt Brecht. Translated by Mark Ravenhill
9 February 2013

Standing to applaud – I grinned madly – for this production ticks the boxes.

And it’s not just a couple of things that make it work, it’s the complete package.

  • It’s the decision to utilise vertical light signs in the staging – thank you Mr Fisher
  • It’s Matthew Aubrey wonderful welsh voice
  • It’s Ian McDiarmid’s Galileo Galilei  (he’s so faultless)
  • It’s the script
  • It’s the examination of power, politics and advancement
  • It’s the thinking it fosters
  • It’s the musicians
  • It’s also the fact that I sat in similar seats a couple weeks earlier and watched a fair few of these same actors in The Orphan of Zhao – be let down by a too simple in language script, so I was doubly pleased to find them shine through triumphantly this time
  • It’s Roxana Silbert super direction
  • It’s the titles given to some of the roles, like Very Thin Monk, Very Old Cardinal
  • It’s the perfect purple plastic evangelical bracelet (a pure treasure), which I purchased for £2.00, at Shop during the interval
  • It’s the conversation it stimulated for our car ride home
  • In fact the impact of this production was so intensely pleasurable – forty hours later – at the precise moment the box office opened for sales for the Winter Season 2013/2014, I was online and ready for ticket purchasing action.

Try get tickets, it runs until 30 March 2013

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