We need to talk about Kevin – Lionel Shriver

‘Fabulous and uncomfortable’, the first two words which tumbled from my brain, on route to my mouth, upon completion of page 468, late last night.  Admittedly though, I’ve been banging on about how well written and delivered this novel is to my husband for the last couple of weeks.

It’s so masterly told and however chilling, I’ve been transfixed.  Even, when I’m not in the thick of an allotted bedtime reading slot – I’ve been thinking about the characters and wondering how they have been getting along, or putting myself in the narrator’s shoes, attempting to figure out if I’d have done it differently.

I shan’t spoil the plot, except to say the characters are a wonderfully complex mix of personalities and people. Some you may have come across, others I hope you don’t. Especially, Lenny


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