The High Line

New York City

Regeneration Projects don’t get any better than this.

Picture – decommissioned above ground railway tracks; light planting (almost Japanese in appearance); cool concrete and wood benches; a pathway occasionally occupied by coffee carts and ice-cream vendors; healthy looking joggers; not too many other wanderers; a unique view of approximately 1 mile of NYC starting in the Meatpacking district and heading up towards Midtown (though staying west); on a clear and blue skied day – now go – for this is the ideal way to launch your first morning in a city that deserves little sleep and lots of dedication to having the time of your life.

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Wallpaper guide takes credit for this choice of ours last Friday – for when I purchased their mini-manual approximately five months ago, I paid particular attention to their recommendations ‘if you only have 24hrs’ and am incredibly pleased I did, for doing as suggested, resulted in me securing the most exciting day of my life…however more detail on that later.

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It’s open from 7.00am – 7.00pm daily

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Additionally, once visited you don’t stop thinking about it, raving about it and planning ways to finance another visit. Yes sadly, I’ve returned from my mini adventure and am now spending considerable time fantasying about purchasing a one bedroom apartment in West Village.

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