Love’s Labour’s Won (Or Much Ado About Nothing)

By William Shakespeare – staged by the RSC RST, Stratford-Upon-Avon RSC-Loves-Labours-Won Image sourced at – via google images

With a little background reading under the belt, thanks to the well-equipped programme, and a movie based knowledge acquired with gratitude to the fabulous Kenneth Branagh, Team Family were beaming and bursting in their seats by 6.55pm last Saturday evening, anticipating the delights of our evening ahead.

Rest assured dear reader, the following is no personal tragedy, for by 7.43pm I was heartily congratulating my credit card for its ability to purchase and provide us with yet another outstanding theatre experience.

You’d think that the RSC would wear themselves out or exhaust their ideas box…though no way…they just continue to throw ambitious, exciting, superbly directed entertainment to their abundantly lucky audience.

Not only does this production clearly push the boat out in terms of staging, its setting – December 1918 – with accompanying costumes and music, has found me on more than seven different occasions, beg my husband to hum that tune again and in addition, sink deeply into my wardrobe searching for ‘those’ correspondent shoes and wishing that I hadn’t turfed all my skirts that dared to pass my knee.

The tale itself is amusing, however…the telling of it by these professionals is laugh out loud.  God’s truth! For during the bits where that evil doer Don John was off stage, the audience were giggling and chortling with little restraint. And not to completely give it away, there are a couple of giddy with fun drawing room moments and a treat at the policeman’s which had me screeching with unashamed joy.

Furthermore, the cast are above talented. For they can act (which I guess you might suspect), but they can also sing (really, really well) and even some of them can do this whilst they are playing an instrument (yes Balthasar this definitely includes you). And the casting…Beatrice and Benedick, you are such a great couple and Dogberry and Verges I haven’t cry-laughed so much in ages. Thank you.

It’s running until 14 March 2015.