Petit Mal – Race Horse Company

At the Oxford Playhouse – 9 June 2012
Presented By Crying Out Loud

Though I generally stretch out the timescale between my adventures and attempt not to over stimulate and excitement myself too much, I couldn’t…wouldn’t…dream of passing up a little more pleasure – for the Race Horse Company were coming to town.

Between you and me, I hadn’t actually heard too much about them though the advertising material grabbed my interest, for anything to do with ‘extraordinarily talented young artists’, ‘world-class circus like you’ve never seen before’ and ‘seemingly impossible stunts’ tends to snatch my attention.

Thus, I found myself sitting very eagerly in Row K, pretty much in the centre of a really jubilant and very mixed aged audience, three evenings ago.

First thing to take on board – this show both extended and exceeded my appreciation and definition of circus.

Secondly –they did not stop, for the three incredibly agile, accomplished and amazing performers were either scaling poles; wrestling (in a very attractive and acrobatic way); bouncing, flipping and racing around on Swiss Balls; breakdancing, trampolining (though none of that run of mill kind of stuff – rather in a cool street way); climbing in and out of tyres; staying in character (for the most part as surly, fairly destitute worksite, employees – I think…); whilst providing their sold out audience with an unbelievably animated evening out.

Thirdly – Everything was on time.  Why so shocked?  Well, I’m one whom you’d refer to as, less than co-ordinated, so when I see people doing things ‘in time’ ‘together’, I find this to be top shelf in the achievement stakes.

Fourthly – the music and lighting fits really, really, well with the performance. It’s utilised brilliantly for mood setting and staging.

Finally – and this might explain the performance better than I can:
The applause that followed the final act was enormous and so full of thanks.  There was no holding back with a polite clap, for people were cheering, squealing and whistling their appreciation. Even perhaps 25% of the audience got to their feet to illustrate their gratitude, which I haven’t seen for a truly long time.

I’ve just googled where they are heading next – so take my advice and do your darnedest and get tickets, for it’s original and will expand your appreciation of what’s possible.

  • 12th and 13th June – Poole Lighthouse
  • 15th, 16th and 17th – Sherman theatre

1 thought on “Petit Mal – Race Horse Company

  1. Hello Agent Catfish! We are the company who brought you … ta dah … Petit Mal !! Thanks for discussing it so eloquently in your blog here. It’s great when a show can so successfully exceed people’s expectations. If you don’t mind we’d love to quote some of your text for our funder’s assessments? Many thanks!

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