THE ODYSSEY – Creation and The Factory

You know when you were a little less in years and people would joke about young and impressionable types running off to join the circus…well I was really contemplating running of with this particular theatre group, four minutes post show completion, late-ish last Saturday evening.

They are good, very good and have continued to impress. Remember, they’re the same group whom staged Hamlet (enjoyed 17 March), I was eagerly anticipating.

Well, back to this performance.
Not only can they convincingly portray a tale; sound and sing exquisitely (Mr James Oxley, you deserve special mention here); use simple stage props super effectively; include the audience without embarrassing, rather encouraging and enthusing the volunteer; and superbly manage any scene thrown at them. They succeed in doing so, with obvious relish.

Concisely, the poem/play is broken down into 24 scenes and the telling or structure of such is very much dependent on what is written on the next shard selected. …’But I don’t get it…Can you explain yourself a little better?’

OK, the ‘stage direction’ of each scene/book has been written down on 24 separate pieces of shard and housed in an easy-to-pass-around-the-audience clay pot.  A shard is selected, the ‘stage direction’ is read out and the portrayal commences, then end of scene, the pot moves to the next member of the audience and the process is repeated.

Incredibly this approach in no way hinders the telling of the tale or leads to long delays, for the performance swiftly and smoothly takes its direction and continues to bewitch its audience.

Additionally, one of the 24 scenes is delivered in Ancient Greek, how impressive is that!

Oh and the singing. It is so beautiful and perfectly suited to its inclusion within the tale and though there were many times I felt this is it, this is the best – the final piece, in the final scene is without equal. I was absorbed by its simplicity and beauty.

Go and embrace the experience – it’s original, engaging and a wonderful treat.

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