90 Jahre 90 Fotos – F C Gundlach

At the Contemporary Fine Arts Galerie
Mitte, Berlin

F C Gundlach 1

I shan’t go on for too long as I’m sure these images speak for themselves, but maybe I’ll provide you with a little context.

As part of Team Family (minus one)’s mini train tripping earlier this summer, we managed to take Everyday’s a School Day to the next level.  Heading to galleries and museums most days I can honestly report is the best thing you can do.  Not only do you discover new artists, works, ways of thinking but also provide yourself with a great catalogue of memories – and postcards.

You don’t have to necessarily like the work, it’s just grouse that you get to experience it and decide.

F C Gundlach 2

So on the final leg of our journey, we were in my second favourite city and my husband picked this particular gallery. We headed off and were immediately bowled over. Not only is the building itself one of the coolest I’ve ever encountered, but it was a commercial gallery – so entry was free and you buy the things you like…if only…

Herr F C Gundlach is incredible.  I’m sure some of you have already heard about him and admire his work, but for Team Family (minus one), our knowledge of him and his remarkable ability hadn’t been realised, until we hit Floor 2.

F C Gundlach 3

The exhibition itself is a collection of ninety of his favourite photographs, taken during the last sixty years (approx.), in celebration of his 90th Birthday.

Each photo screams – ‘Divine’, ‘Wow, the composition’, ‘Oh that looks just like the glorious Mrs Duncan’ and cheers you and impresses you and compels you out of your own world…you kind of get caught up in the image and whisked off to that point in time and place.

F C Gundlach 4

Here’s their website to excite you furtherhttp://www.cfa-berlin.de/exhibitions/90_jahre_90_fotos

It’s on until 10 September 2016