Leopold Museum

Museumsplatz 1, Wien


Satisfaction comes in a variety of ways.

One such, heading off to view a little Klimt and then discovering Koloman Moser and Egon Schiele.  Sorry I should correct myself, obviously I didn’t discover or scout them but I did spend a terrific morning, thirty seven days back, seeing them for my first time in a gallery scarcely populated, in the heart of the Vienna.

So what caught my thoughts.

  • Gaining the opportunity to see more of Klimt’s work you get the sense that this guy was modern and although I left the gallery shop without a copy of the ‘Kiss’ on a coffee cup, I’m so pleased he was around and having an impact in a time when the establishment were a little uptight.
  • Koloman Moser – why wasn’t I told about him in school and recommended to him earlier? His skill and style is diverse and his brushstrokes worth seeing in the raw.

Koloman Moser

  • And Egon Schiele – a born artist and thankfully for humankind he pursued his very rich talent. The work he was producing by eighteen years of age is astonishing. A little pained putting it conservatively, but you can’t deny his exceptional gift. You also get the sense that Lucien Freud was perhaps a disciple.

Egon Schiele 1

Also of super value for those non German speakers out there – each painting comes with a great explanation in German and English so…you don’t just view and learn but read and learn. How good is that?

I’ve just checked on the museum’s website and thankfully you won’t need to rush off now and view the pieces, as it looks like they are in the permanent collection, however if you do find yourself travelling around Europe, or currently standing on the street in the Austrian capital – head here. By far the best thing and first thing you should venture to explore when you arrive in Wien.