But where has she gone?

I hope you haven’t been too alarmed by my silence and it’s not that I haven’t been cheering in the audiences of great RSC productions (The Jew of Malta, Death of a Salesman) or turning the pages on some fabulous collections of short stories (The American Lover, Married Love, Difficult Loves…hmm, theme maybe?… Katherine Mansfield’s Selected Stories and The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis), it’s just, I dare say, I’ve discovered a very powerful and oh so tempting pastime.

Yes, you guessed it…Procrastination.

It’s become my coffee buddy; my it’s alright to head back to bed buddy; that non judgemental, ideal friend buddy…however… with Easter Resolutions all the rage these days, I’m going to say thanks for those great days of achieving butt all, though now it’s time for me to get writing, reviewing, sharing and possibly offering up some ideas for your pleasure seeking time.

I’ll return…just after I’ve had a coffee.