A Blackwell’s Treat – Rising Stars: Part III


I’ve just arrived back in from a pole position placement down in the Norrington Room at Blackwell’s. For we have just returned from Rising Stars: Part III, the perfect opportunity to hear, learn and meet three highly engaging (though very different), bright sparks, ‘new’ on Literary Street.

Chaired by Dr Clare Morgan, the evening went from strength to strength. Not only as I had front row, less than 3 metres distance and guaranteed eye contact from published authors (please look at me, look at me) – however perhaps more so, for these talented story-tellers were incredibly different in terms of approach to writing and happy to share ‘their’ story with smiley lady (maybe too smiley lady) in front row and others in the room (less smiley, though keenly interested).

It was like heading to a Masterclass in how to write readable and sought after books. And also an ideal way to work out who’d you like to invite for dinner (all of them), so you could have their company and conversation for longer.

I found myself gripped by each question furnished by the Chair and each answer which was delivered thoughtfully, by the writers.

And what topped it off…each author, as well as their experience of the writing process, was incredibly unique. So, not so sadly – I can’t even provide you with a ‘my personal favourite’ recommendation.

Best thing to do in these circumstances, purchase all the books, look doe-eyed at the writers (including the Chair…she was great…and published), and stand even closer to these heros as they sign the title page.

And keep an eye out for:

The Last Hundred Days                                  Patrick McGuinness

Communion Town                                           Sam Thompson

The Gurkha’s Daughter Stories                    Prajwal Parajuly