The Word is Out

When compiling a list of things to do before you die – please really consider visiting Hydra.

I shan’t be more persuasive, rather I’ll just supply you with the facts.

Firstly, I’ve had the immense great fortune of being here for just over three days and we have extended our stay, just so we can experience maximal enjoyment.

There is absolutely no point of beating around the bush, I love Greece and have ever since arriving for my first time, 24 April 1993 – just two weeks prior to turning 21.

It’s a place that never ceases to amaze and if I’m counting correctly this is my sixth adventure here – with each journey always starting with a flight into Athens and at least a day and night visiting places of such awe as the Acropolis, Agora and more recently, the Fabulous with a capital F – Acropolis Museum. Then it’s out to the Islands and as there are so many beauties to choose from, there’s more than enough to please everyone.

Thus my newest experience finds me in what appears to be very much the Greek Riviera.  For, from the moment you see the port come into view, you know you’re on a winner, this place is not only picture postcard with an assembly of 18th century buildings positioned along the quay (and a tiny way up the hill), but it’s also free of traffic – both mopeds and cars that is – aside from one garbage truck and possibly one other vehicle on the whole island – it’s the land of the donkey and mule (which unfortunately I haven’t found a good enough reason to utilise…yet…) or if you’re interested in heading out for a swim around the island, there are boats aplenty.

And your options for culture – there’s the Hydra Cinema Club, The Koundouriotis Mansion – a top treat for an appreciation of 18th/19th century architecture and furniture, traditional costumes, some impressive artworks, view over the sea and a wonderfully kind and helpful lady at the front door who can answer all questions fired her way. And other spots I’ve yet to view – though I really shall.

And briefly, beach/swim life is so satisfying. Today found me hanging with the tiny fishes at Agios Nikolaos – the kind of secluded beach you always wished for and really does exist.

Furthermore, Hydra’s restaurant pleasure – I’ve yet to find one I wouldn’t recommend.

I’ll post in greater detail in ‘Top Shelf Destinations’ at a later stage – though I guess I wanted to share the word.  Greece is just as beautiful as she has always been, unfortunately not enough tourists are here (this sounds strange saying this…).  It’s true though, Greece needs you, the restaurants, boats, bars, hotels, rooms aren’t as full as they deserve to be.

You can swim all day long in the most clear and warm of waters; embrace super salad and seafood and an abundant load of tzatziki; marvel at some of the fashions on display; forget what day it is within a day of arriving; never feel inhibited in swimming costume (or minus half a swimming costume) and truly love just being here.