Out of the Blue and on Stage

I’ve just spent the last day and a half, coming up with sure fire excuses to head down to the shops in an attempt to catch sight of one of them.  I walk slowly, smiling ludicrously, trying furtively to gain eye content with any and every 20 year old-ish male, as my affections currently have no limits and I’m desperate to see them again.

Yes, you guessed it…I had the absolute delight of seeing Out of the Blue, live at the New Theatre Oxford on Monday evening.

So, in regards to this particular expedition.  I felt well and truly prepared, as the small chap had received the CD ‘RESOUND’ (2010) for Christmas, which had undergone pretty much continuous playback until ‘RUSH’ (2011) came to live with us and now there is a constant struggle between the two – for which one can make it to the CD player first.

Hence, working with the clues:
You can detect that prior to 7.30pm, 11 June
+   I loved their style
+   I loved their ‘Stacy’s Mom’, ‘Don’t you want me’ and ‘Rehab’ and much, much, more,
+   I even loved their album covers.
However, I wasn’t planning on being a Groupie…???….which, my insides are now bursting to be.

I guess there’s no point holding it back then – rather I’ll embrace it, so with no further ado

  • 1st law of being a groupie – buy the programme.
    And familiarise yourself with the product.  Learn their backstory and spend time acquainting yourself with their photographic image (if one is provided).

Aside from that I’m still working on my technique – so back to Monday evening then

Picture: Fifteen young men, really enjoying themselves, standing on stage in different formation, using slight (though sometimes not so slight) body movement – excellently choreographed, singing beautifully, without accompaniment – aside from the rhythm and beats they produce themselves, smiling lots and giving the audience more than they had bargained for.  Then add, perhaps fifteen tunes – a mixture of pop, rock, R&B and by far the best rendition of Amazing Grace you are ever likely hear and you have about a third of how it really was.

Not only are these men terrific, they put on a great show.

Their appeal crosses all boundaries and their Musical Director (Nick Barstow) deserves special mention, for the arrangement of the pieces, selection of best fit voices and the diversity of the music/songs/singing, must have been a pretty hard problem to solve and you did it Mr Barstow, with Distinction.

Therefore…Young chaps be afraid, be very afraid – as I’m now 100% your biggest follower.