Hot Gossip…but not the usual sort

Hot Gossip

Strange as it may sound, I’d never come across the visual pleasure and dynamic moves of Hot Gossip until mid last evening. Thanks goes then to a half bottle of wine, the entreats of a husband full of memories and youtube, for we moved swiftly from watching the Village People’s gifted video ‘Sex over the phone’, to a truly speech-stopping, eye-popping demonstration of what Britain had the joys of watching on prime time during the 1970s-1980s.

I ask now, what happened?

For this stuff impresses, shocks and suggests. The telly show makers during the years of my younger life here, (though sadly I wasn’t here), were really pushing the barriers and clearly from my husband’s happy memories, were cheering up particularly the pre-teen box watching crowd.

Some advice. If you aren’t over 45 or didn’t live in this country then, firstly prepare yourself and then type youtube into your search engine and then search for Hot Gossip. Alternatively, if you were living here and are over 45, please do the same.

You won’t be disappointed – it’s a very entertaining anthropological study.

(image sourced from goggle images)