Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2

Team Family grabbed a bumper serving of delicious silliness thanks to Ben Stiller last night with his latest gift to the Big Screen. It’s a crazy, colourful, shriek-laughter, convulsion-making production with cringe-worthy performances, impressive cameos and some fabulously courageous outfit choices.

The action is instant and continual, and the storyline is in a league of its own making. For it’s original, audacious, unbearable, and compels you to clap loudly, squeal and foot stamp when the stupidity gets too much. So you’ll end up making a lot of noise.

Additionally, you won’t be disappointed, rather astounded by Justin Bieber; perhaps choke on chuckle tears as you recover from a scene between a Centaur and Naomi Campbell; and dream up ways that you too could look like Penelope Cruise – if only you had a red leather zip-up motorcycle suit, super thick fringe and perfect brown eyes.

And…Derek Zoolander’s so sharp it’s astonishing; Hansel’s internal and outward struggle with his Daddy issues not only instructs but entertains; and Derek Junior’s canary yellow jumper will leave you urgent for a more colour-filled clothes palette in your life.

It’s nutty, satirical and unique – go have a laugh.


Image sourced at google images