Love’s Sacrifice

By John Ford

Love Sacrifice

Dear Reader, It’s with freakish amounts of excitement that I disclose to you this:

Love’s Sacrifice is a paragon of exceptional theatre.

From the language which is rich in bawdiness and passion and intent, to the characters who are devious, besotted and crazed – this production doesn’t just make you sad, or nervous, or horrified – it also makes you laugh and gripped and determined to make sure more people see it, stage it, read it and recognise that this play needs to be out there at a theatre near you.

I had the great fortune of seeing it put on by the RSC last night and I have been creepishly animated ever since. Cogitating the maths; weighing up the pros and cons of reducing my wine intact in a bid to fund seeing it, many more times. Put simply, I’m fixated and need to share.

The cast are convincing and I feel it would be impossible to impress upon them how blown away I was by their brilliance. The energy, anger, venom and distrust – was uncomfortable and I couldn’t get enough.

And…nothing beats a thrust stage…being that close to the action really lends to the immersion.

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