Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 2 series

‘What became of the Arab Spring?’ – A discussion by Professor Eugene Rogan
Norrington Room, Blackwell’s Oxford
3.00pm-4.00pm, 26 February 2014

Here’s something I’ve learnt. If you don’t quite get it and there’s someone available to explain it, take the opportunity.  So putting this advice to action this afternoon, I found a seat in one the best stocked bookshops around and listened to a very interesting, informative and understandable Professor of Modern History focus on several Arab uprisings, which commenced in 2011.

It’s time for honesty.

OK, I struggle with complex and less than complex concepts, however amazingly Professor Rogan was able to even get me thinking and moving down the road of understanding. Something my sporadic reading of the news on this specific topic up until now hadn’t managed to do.

Though the content at times was a little miserable, like the immediate future of Syria, it was important. This session really helped me get to grips with the current situation in Tunisia and has awakened a desire in me to learn more about the rest of the region.

Additionally, post the discussion phase it was question time and even this part of the programme proved a bounty of learning. So much so, I wished I’d taken in some secret recording equipment so I could play it all back and retain further.

Sadly, there is bad news: I missed the first two sessions of the series held yesterday and Monday.

Oh but there is also good news: There are two more to go.

Thursday, 27 February – Ian Golding, Professor of Globalisation and Development and Director of the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford is due to discuss ‘Is Globalization Bad?’, tomorrow from 3.00pm

Friday, 28 February – Alexandra Harris, Lecturer in English at the University of Liverpool, will discuss ‘Studying English with Virginia Woolf’ from 3.00pm.

And double hooray, you don’t need a degree to attend, just turn up, it’s free.