Fear not ‘tis almost Friday

With this delicious thought in mind dear reader I shan’t hold back with recommending a super satisfying option for this coming Friday evening’s (28 June) entertainment.

For if you haven’t managed it yet, manage it now and attend a LiveFriday event at the Ashmolean in Oxford.  I believe they have been rolling out the programme since the beginning of the year (well at least that is when I first attended), on the last Friday of each month from 7.00pm until 10.30pm.

Briefly, the focus of the event changes monthly so be prepared to take on the less than usual, though better than great, fun to be had. For instance:

January’s, An Evening with the Gods, was run by the Classics department, so in keeping with the theme, you could take in a little Ancient Greek tuition; play ‘authentic’ Roman board games; hang-out sipping wine in Hades; demonstrate your Greek dancing skill; and fill in the missing spots in your knowledge base in reference to what the Romans really ate.

April’s was marketed as China Night…which I was desperate to attend, however found myself detained elsewhere and have since discovered over 2,300 people passed through the doors that night, so the party excitement factor must have been pretty high.

Luckily, I returned for a fix in May for Wilderness in the City, where I not only revelled in the audience of my first philosophy slam (hopefully not my last); enjoyed the sound and spectacle of an exquisitely talented lady opera singer; floated around the exhibits in a state of excitement; smiled at some beautiful violins; but was also introduced (well not personally, rather was in the crowd listening to), some local live bands down in the basement café.

So, you are very right to deduce at this point the atmosphere on these evenings is buzzy and smiling faces abundant.

Additionally, a big YIPPEE for it’s back on this week and focusing on the creative (however when wasn’t it…).  Anyway, you’ll be entertained and educated by a talented bundle of artists, illustrators, poets and musicians at Come Draw with Me!

Please note, these evenings are best suited for people who love having fun and enjoy the unexpected.

Admission is free and to find out more please head to –www.ashmolean.org/LiveFriday