Twelfth Night

26 January 2013

Bloody Loved It!

I could stop there as this pretty much sums up my epic experience. However, I feel I might be robbing you dear reader, so let’s turn our attention immediately to feeding the beast of cultural interest.

Going against my nature… I arrived to take my seat with some simple understanding of the plot and characters involved in this Shakespearean jewel.

Why this decidedly unusual approach? Well… I’ve been playing a little Duke Orsino around the homestead as my 12 year practises his Viola – which is delivered at times, uncomfortably well – in preparation for a school production going ahead in a couple of months.

So, flying the flag of ‘learn from others…that will lift your game’, we happily headed down to London to watch some top shelf actors tread the boards.

I don’t use top shelf lightly.  Actually I’m finding it really hard to discuss the features that worked, for all I keep thinking about is…Mark Rylance….Mark Rylance….Mark Rylance.

The way he glides across stage, lifting his skirts ever so slightly. His diction. His composure. His talent. I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing him on stage before and can’t wait to track him down again.

Then there is Paul Chahidi. His Maria was delivered superbly. She was fabulous, a little fleshy and convincing.

And Stephen Fry – as Malvolio. A character whom previously I had little regard for, his portrayal left me feeling for ‘poor Malvolio’, rather than experiencing an uncomfortable sensation in the tummy each time he came on set..  And with further focus on Mr Fry, (and with stars in my eyes), I was really in the same room as him, not just reading him on twitter or watching him on the telly. He was there!

Ahh and Colin Hurley, playing Sir Toby Belch and Roger Lloyd Pack’s Sir Andrew Aguecheek, what a treat. They make learning lines and staying up late 6 nights a week, look like tonnes of fun.

A one line conclusion then???
This production exemplifies why Live Theatre Rules!