Top Tip

I couldn’t believe my eyes as my excitement levels shifted into 5th, at approximately 3.45pm, last Tuesday afternoon.

Please take my advice, head to Caffe Nero, at Blackwell’s, 48-51 Broad Street Oxford and it’s not just to indulge in refreshment or treats, rather it’s to admire and feel part of the clever appearing people.

They were there and not in less than significant numbers either, for they were out in force.

Pretty much every table was occupied by either a single occupant, a double or triple, either engaged in an enlightened conversation or busily scribbling down notes.

It felt good, actually it felt great. I’d stumbled across this little secret, where I can easily soak in the atmosphere, stay as long as I desire, pray that my fellow patrons speak louder, potentially pick up a little material and consume Hot Chocolate.

Try it out, it’s so worth the trip.